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SchüCal MES

The Schüco system for efficient production control

Based on all pending production orders, SchüCal MES (Manufacturing Execution System) helps to deliver production information to each individual employee throughout the production.

With the help of SchüCal MES, all production-relevant data from SchüCal is delivered to the workshop via the Fabrication Data Center. In the push process, the orders run through the production process including the queries for production control (FPC). Any problems are recorded and the relevant colleagues are informed via a built-in messenger tool. The entire production process is monitored at all times, which helps the workshop manager to get a good overview of the ongoing production status.

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Increases the productivity of manufacturing

Through a guided production process and immediate signalling of faults, SchüCal MES makes production more productive. The increased productivity capacity makes improved delivery capability possible. In addition, faults in the production process are signalled directly.

Helpful interfaces

SchüCal MES is based on the calculation software SchüCal, which provides all the required production data. Can be used in conjunction with the Fabrication Data Center - stationary and mobile.

Simplified manufacturing

Work orders only appear at the corresponding station when the previous work has been fully completed. This way we ensure that you only start your job when you have all the material you need.
Furthermore, all production information is tailored to the respective production step, so that you only receive the information relevant to the completion of the operation and nothing else.


Production control with SchüCal MES is individually analysed and scaled for your production. In this way, we ensure that SchüCal MES adapts to the individual requirements of production and ideally supports and digitalises the processes.


On request

Would you like to use SchüCal MES in your workshop? Contact us and arrange an individual consultation appointment.


Good to know

With SchüCal MES, you transform your manufacturing processes. In order to achieve the most ideal results, we provide you with comprehensive advice and adapt SchüCal MES individually to your production needs and processes.