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Fully electronic system for locking and unlocking the door makes the locking cylinder redundant.

The lock with a horsehead mechanism locks the door quickly and quietly in the direction of movement and ensures extremely high contact pressure.

The locking points are completely hidden - and without a cylinder, there is no longer an obvious point of attack for burglars.

In addition to mechanical security, the system impresses with features such as early break-in detection and uninterrupted access logging.

The app allows the door to be opened without any key.

Burglar resistance RC2 with only two locking points.

Planning benefit

  • Fully concealed locking system
  • No locking cylinder and consequently no key required
  • Intuitive door opening via an app
  • Powerful and valuable motorised locking
  • Useful additional functions such as daytime lock release, child lock, one-time access, access log and construction site mode
  • Integrated intrusion detection


Technical information