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Now #13 – SchüCal

Output with Variants

In this Now video we'll go over how to create variants of your elements to show your end customer the different configuration possibilities within quotations, all done in SchüCal. We’ll also go over how to approve your variant if the end customer decides for that option instead. See more Now videos.

Bio – DFF Aluminium AB

Simple & Special Solutions

In our continuing Bio series we're heading to Stockholm, Sweden to speak with our friends at DFF Aluminium AB. Drawing on over 40 years experience in the field, DFF continually challenges themselves in finding innovative solutions for demanding projects.

DFF Aluminium has their entire workflow under one roof, combining both aluminum and steel production, providing them both flexibility and efficiency. Their vision is to be the most attractive total supplier, and employer, in glass and metal construction. See more Bio videos

Welcome to the Digital Expert Program

The future of your organization’s success begins today with you. There are countless examples of digitalization accelerating various industries to move faster than ever before. Schüco’s mission is to be an innovation leader and the pioneer of our industry into this bright future. We intend to achieve this together with you as our partner. This is why we created the Digital Expert Program.

The Digital Expert Program is a fresh take on how we share and collaborate with you with the sole purpose being growth & development for your business through digital solutions. With a primary focus on the dissemination of information and communication, we aim to establish new and improved processes with carefully curated news feeds, dynamic feedback and much more.

You have been selected on the merits of your knowledge, interest and willingness with regard to digital solutions. As we provide you, the Digital Expert, with new resources and vital information, it is your responsibility to communicate the relevant information back to your colleagues in your organization. In turn, we give you the opportunity to provide us beneficial feedback to help improve the development of our solutions and your overall experience with them. We look forward to getting you ready for tomorrow, today.