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Future-proof thanks to sustainable materials

The future viability of a property investment is hugely dependent on the materials and systems used. Their ability to be recycled is decisive when it comes to grey emissions, i.e. the embodied carbon in the building. It is only when the material can be fed back fully into the recycling loop after building use ends without relevant quality loss that it meets one of the most important sustainability principles – Cradle to Cradle. Even the major certifications systems BREEAM, DGNB or LEED incorporate this. Schüco therefore offers materials and services that investors and operators can use to comply with the Cradle to Cradle principle:

  • Schüco relies on aluminium: the material can be returned into circulation almost completely and without loss of quality.
  • 76 Schüco products and systems are Cradle to Cradle-certified as Gold or Silver.
  • Many Schüco PVC-U systems have been awarded the VinylPlus certificate. Schüco is a pioneer in the construction sector here.
  • As part of the new RE:CORE programme, Schüco collects PVC-U material from old windows and profile residues across Europe and returns it into circulation.
  • As part of IoF (Internet of Façades), Schüco products are assigned a digital tag that documents their materials and therefore makes it possible to dismantle them into separate types.

“Around 50% of material consumption worldwide is in the building sector. We should take this as an opportunity for innovation and further drive forward the development of truly circular products.” 

Dr Michael Braungart, co-founder of the Cradle to Cradle design concept