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Fully transparent CO2 values with SchüCal

The ‘carbon footprint at the push of a button’ is the new function in the SchüCal 3D calculation software. It gives fabricators full transparency for the first time about the CO₂ values of the materials and structural units used in a building and can be used to calculate the component-specific Co₂e value of the components at any time during the planning process. This makes it possible to verify and optimise the GWP value (Global Warming Potential = CO₂e value) of materials and constructions in real time for the first time. 

Fabricators can also use SchüCal to share the increasingly frequent demands from investors and architects for certificates such as LED, BREEAM, QNG or DGNB in the form of an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) with others involved in the construction process. EPDs provide exact data about the carbon footprint of a system, such as façade units, and act as proof of the sustainability criteria required for a building within the framework of environmental declarations. These declarations make it easier for fabricators to prepare building certificates and comply with the emission values required in specifications.