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Project-specific CO₂ control with Schüco Carbon Control

Architects and planners can work on the carbon footprint of a building at an early stage in order to ensure its sustainability and their own competitiveness in tenders.

Schüco has therefore developed a holistic, modular range of products and services that can be used to manage the decarbonisation of the building envelope throughout the entire lifecycle of a building on a project-specific basis: Schüco Carbon Control.

The range is structured as a toolbox across the four life phases of a building – planning, construction, operation and demolition – and offers a selection of customised solutions for each phase, with products and services from the Schüco portfolio.

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Schüco Carbon Control includes methods for optimising the form factor of buildings, concepts for energy-efficient façade construction, CO₂-reducing recyclable materials and the option to generate EPDs at the press of a button and in real time to check the building’s GWP value or building-specific carbon footprint.

It also covers project-specific consulting with a team of CO₂ advisors who support architects, fabricators, investors and operators when it comes to actively minimising the carbon footprint of the building envelope.

The holistic consideration of the building envelope throughout the entire value chain and lifecycle of buildings means that all those involved in the construction process can come together to take a huge step towards climate neutrality in the building sector as a whole.