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Conservatories and terrace roofs

Sunlight is vitalising and transmits a feeling of wellbeing. With a conservatory, you give the sun free access and bring more light into the house. Generous glass areas and slimline Schüco aluminium profiles ensure maximum light penetration. Or would you like a covered seating area in the open air? Thanks to the Schüco terrace roofs, now you can use your terrace in a variety of ways and, at the same time, benefit from a transparent rain cover.

More than just a usable space...

A beautiful conservatory is the dream of many home owners. And the variety of types and forms of conservatory on offer is matched only by the variety of the benefits for the home owner once they opt to add a conservatory. Terrace roofs also provide a space that is sheltered but not closed in.

Increased value

A conservatory means added value in both senses. On the one hand, the garden oasis radiates great warmth and gives you a little bit of that holiday feeling every day. On the other hand, the investment also pays off financially. By adding an aluminium conservatory or terrace roof as part of a renovation, you are enhancing the value of your house and investing in the future.

Energy saver

More light and space for a sense of well-being are not the only advantages of a Schüco conservatory. The large glass envelope works almost like a vast storage container for solar heat, reducing the requirement for external heat supply through conventional heating systems. The difference between the outside air temperature and the indoor temperature of a house with a conservatory is smaller than that for a house without a conservatory.

Internal structural components

Flat profile contours on the roof surface ensure a high degree of self-cleaning. This allows dirt and leaves, for example, to be removed more easily by wind and rain.

Elegant design options

A basic terrace roof and an option with lateral wind protection, through to a conservatory with a non-insulated folding/sliding system

Our systems

A conservatory or a terrace roof is made up of many individual elements. All of these must fit together perfectly to enable your ideas to become reality and your requirements to be met. With the intelligent Schüco system solutions, you are always on the safe side. You receive all of the components from a single source – from the roof, the awning and the ventilators through to the doors and other accessories. All of this produces conservatories and terrace roofs that set the standard.