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Show your customers the range of products from Schüco – going beyond the limits of your display.

Unlimited showroom

The Schüco Product Configurator offers a detailed presentation of individual system solutions in realistic surroundings. Discover the unlimited options for your sales consultations: sizes, surface finish designs or security – with the Schüco Product Configurator, you and your customers can configure custom system solutions for sliding systems, entrance doors and windows in no time at all.

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"In just a few steps you can configure individual system solutions with the Schüco Product Configurator. Together with the customer, you enter all relevant data from geometry and design, down to operation and comfort. You can also use graphics and videos to explain specifications such as security or energy efficiency. Click by click, you are turning your customer’s dream house into a reality."

Carsten Geik, Product Manager Schüco Digital Products

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Key benefits at a glance

  • High quality, high resolution illustrations of the products
  • Wide range of products taking up very little space
  • Easy to use with next to no SchüCal experience
  • Configuration with few technical terms
  • Configurations and calculations checked by SchüCal
  • Rapid offers with almost no industry jargon
  • Direct generation of fabrication items in SchüCal

Infinitely extend your showroom

Purchasing decisions are often easier to make if customers can take a close look at a product. This is what showrooms are for – they are where Schüco units are presented and customers are given comprehensive advice. But even the best equipped showroom reaches its limits at some point.

The Schüco Product Configurator goes beyond these limits and allows you to infinitely extend your showroom. With just a few clicks, you can design countless system solutions that meet the exact desires of your customers and present them in detail in realistic surroundings.

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The perfect aid for your sales consultations

With the Schüco Product Configurator, you and your customers can configure individual system solutions down to the last detail in just a few minutes. Size, colour and security – everything is ideally adjusted to personal desires. As soon as all the data has been entered, the Schüco units are depicted in realistic surroundings. Straightaway your customers are given a convincing impression of how the configured system solutions will look.

Thanks to the integration of SchüCal, a technical check runs in the background for each configuration step, so that you and your customers can be sure that the Schüco units can be created without any problems. What’s more, SchüCal calculates the exact price during consultation and draws up an individual quotation at the touch of a button, meaning you can increase the satisfaction of your customers with expert advice and transparent quotations.

  • Windows
  • Sliding systems
  • Folding sliding systems
  • Doors
  • Front doors

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