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Looking for simple window fabrication?

Make your window in just a few easy steps.

The Schüco turn/tilt window consists of over 100 individual parts. Together they create a window of outstanding quality. In order to fabricate these parts efficiently, you need the right process. The individual steps are tailored, digitally linked and precise, ensuring perfect results for every Schüco partner, no matter what size they are. 

How does it work? Take a look for yourself!

"Locking bars and glazing bead fabrication are among the most time-consuming tasks when constructing a window and have a huge impact on the quality of the units. Our glazing bead saws and locking bar machines ensure a highly reliable process with consistent high quality and reduced fabrication times."

Alexander von Bobart, workshop advisor, Schüco International KG

To the perfect window

Step by step

Process step 1
Processing and cutting

Precise processing for easy assembly by means of machinery and double-headed mitre saws from Schüco

Process step 2
Frame and vent assembly

Holds everything together. Our corner crimping machines.

Process step 3
Fittings installation

Small things can make a big difference. Fabricate locking bars in less than 60 seconds with our locking bar machines.

Process step 4
Glazing bead fabrication

Preparing and then painstakingly adjusting glazing beads has become a thing of the past. Now you can fabricate precise components using glazing bead saws with digital support.

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