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Free space to breathe


A balcony not only makes your home life more comfortable, but also increases the value of your property. Schüco balconies offer a wide variety of designs, optimum system compatibility, individual design options and a high level of weather resistance. They are suitable for newbuilds and existing properties.

Design options

Schüco offers different balconies to suit the type of building, technical factors or personal preference.

Balcony extensions

Balcony extensions are a narrow and economical extension for newbuilds or renovations. They impress with their fast installation and require just two load-bearing supports fixed to brackets at the front and, on the building side, wall anchors to securely transfer the load into the masonry or concrete.

Built-on balconies

This retrofitted stand-alone balcony structure sits on four supports in front of the façade and is securely anchored to the masonry with fixings. It is the ideal solution for complete renovations.

Stacked balconies

Due to the high degree of prefabrication in the workshop, aluminium stacked balconies are particularly time-saving and cost-reducing solutions from the Schüco modular system. Implemented as balcony extensions or built-on balconies, their internal supports give the façade a uniform, harmonious overall appearance.

Cantilever balconies

Cantilevered, suspended aluminium balconies – the ideal solution where gate entrances, footpaths or parking areas do not allow foundations and supports. Wall-side edge supports, which are fastened to each storey level using point fixing, are used for the necessary load transfer for attaching attractive aluminium balconies.

Balconies in use

Picture the scene: Your new Schüco balcony could look just like this, whether it is a view of nature, a vast open space or the city lights.