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Highly insulated side-hung vent for Panorama Design window

The Schüco AWS 75 PD VV.SI (Panorama Design Ventilation Vent Super Insulation) window system is available as an opaque side-hung vent with ventilation function in different face widths – with excellent weathertightness and sound reduction values even in extreme weather conditions thanks to the split insulating bar.

The side-hung vents, which can reach from floor to ceiling and remain permanently open during the summer, combine quick ventilation of rooms with a high degree of architectural design freedom and easy operation.

The combination with the Schüco AWS 75 PD.SI (Panorama Design Super Insulation) window system provides additional planning freedom as the system properties and design are fully compatible.

Opening units with ventilation vents open up new architectural possibilities for modern façade design, particularly in buildings with barcode architecture.

Planning benefit

  • Split insulating bar to avoid bimetallic effects and for a high degree of weathertightness even in extreme weather conditions
  • Wide range of uses in combination with Schüco Panorama Design punched openings, ribbon windows and insert units in Schüco mullion/transom façades
  • Stylish profile geometry: internal flush appearance thanks to smooth internal surfaces


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