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Shading solution fully integrated in the façade with extremely high degree of wind stability

The external Schüco CSB (Concealed Shaped Blind) sun shading system, fully integrated in the Schüco FWS 50 and Schüco FWS 60 façade systems, offers a convenient shading solution that heavily reduces solar heat gain in buildings on sunny days.

With a high level of transparency of 23 percent, the user retains the link to the outside world even when the blind is completely closed, including on days with extremely high winds as well. The stable louvre blades made from extruded aluminium can withstand extremely high wind loads.

The aluminium sun shading system which can be rolled up boasts an attractive, timeless visual design and offers yet further design options: in order to meet the most varied architectural requirements in building planning, the louvre blade blind is available in six anodised colours, C0 and C31 to C35, guaranteeing perfect integration into the façade appearance.

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Premios y certificados

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Fabrication benefits

  • Quick and easy installation due to lightweight blinds
  • Sun shading is supplied pre-assembled, ready for installation and rolled up on the drive shaft
  • Automatic setting of the top end position
  • There is an integrated sliding guide in the curtain, which eliminates the need to mount piping in the guide rails.
  • Full, reliable integration in Schüco FWS 50/FWS 60 façade systems
  • High degree of prefabrication


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