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Schüco sliding doors – create rooms which are flooded with light and open out into nature.

Non-insulated sliding doors from Schüco offer a wide range of new design concepts for use indoors. Both system constructions can be combined seamlessly thanks to their design.

Opening types

Schüco sliding doors offer perfect functionality and the various opening options open up special design possibilities. The opening types on offer in the sliding and lift-and-slide doors depend on the system.

Sliding doors

Generous openings

Do you need a door which can simply be pushed to one side when necessary and creates generous openings of up to two-thirds of the unit width? Schüco sliding doors operate almost noiselessly in corrosion-free stainless steel tracks. All sliding units run in a single plane, with no unsightly vent protruding into the room. It is possible to combine up to six glazed frames depending on requirements.

Lift-and-slide doors
Perfect weathertightness

It is surprising how easy it is to move a lift-and-slide door. When closed, the door is perfectly weathertight, providing excellent thermal insulation and sound reduction, while its burglar-resistant properties ensure your personal security. Lift-and-slide doors must be opened to one side or from the middle. Up to three tracks allow large opening widths and therefore flexible use in large-format glass constructions such as a conservatory.

Folding sliding doors
Truly amazing space savers

Complete glass walls can be opened almost fully with folding sliding doors from Schüco. The individual units are simply folded into narrow stacks and pushed to the side – quick and compact. Highly thermally insulated folding sliding doors for use outside can be folded inwards or outwards very easily and moved to the right and/or left. The vents roll almost silently on roller carriages. They are securely guided at the top and at the bottom. The non-insulated folding sliding door is the ideal choice in areas in which no additional thermal insulation is required.

Tilt/slide doors
A combination of sliding door and window

The ideal combination of sliding door and turn/tilt window is practical and simple to operate. The vents of your Schüco tilt/slide window doors can easily be tilted or the whole area can be opened to provide ventilation. Tilt/slide vents are stylishly flush-fitted in the frame units on the outside and face-fitted on the inside, thereby providing optimum weathertightness.

Product highlights

Aluminium is the right choice for you. Our sliding doors meet the highest quality requirements and offer numerous benefits:

Schüco Sliding System ASS 39 PD.NI - Non-insulated sliding system with Panorama Design – can be used flexibly in warm climate zones and for interiors

Highly transparent solutions for areas without thermal insulation requirements. With floor-to-ceiling glazing, the Schüco ASS 39 PD.NI (Panorama Design Non-Insulated) sliding system ensures visually flowing transitions in the interior and to the outside. The extraordinary sliding system with the option of concealed, handle-free operation in the interlock section or elegant continuous pull grip captivates with its clear, homogeneous appearance.

Schüco TropTec Sliding System AS 39 SC.NI- Non-insulated sliding system with a high degree of flexibility to meet the requirements in functionality as well as design

Schüco TropTec AS 39 SC.NI: The Schüco TropTec™ AS 39 SC.NI (non-insulated) is an aluminium sliding system with a high degree of flexibility to meet the requirements in functionality as well as design. The high wind load resistance of up to 3000 Pa allows a wide range of applications such as villas,  multistorey buildings in both the residential and commercial sector, coastal areas, interior regions and hill stations. The rich variety of options based on single, double, triple and quadruple monolithic outer frames allow a virtually unlimited range of different sliding system solutions to be implemented.

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