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The future is now


...turn on the coffee machine and switch on the lights. the door for the cat.

...what's the weather looking like this weekend?

...what's on my to-do list today?

Alexa, close the window!

What still sounds futuristic today will be familiar tomorrow. Around 26 billion devices across the globe are already part of the internet of things, creating added value through smart networking. With intelligent smart home technology, residential buildings can better meets their users' increased demands for comfort, security and energy management, thus improving the sustainability of real estate and its readiness for the future. In addition to great features for users like home entertainment, smart household appliances and app-based lighting and shading control, these future-ready technologies are above all setting the relevant standards for the world of tomorrow. Whether it is entry security and access management, data protection, networked smoke and motion detectors, air quality safeguards or occupancy simulation, everything is possible, from individual functions to entire scenarios.

Smart Home

Digitalisation is making our world more intelligent, even at home. For the client who wants to be strategic in designing their building project, missing out on our innovative smart home solutions is no longer an option. They make your daily life easier, more comfortable and more efficient as well as protect your health, home and property while playing an important role in increasing and retaining building value in the long term. That's why Schüco offers you inspiring, intelligent and interconnected products and systems which will enrich your smart life. You can find more information about our smart home solutions here.

How is digitalisation changing our lives?

Entertainment and communication, energy management and security: smart home applications are becoming ever more popular, including in Germany.

The various tools of digitalisation are playing an increasingly central role in people's daily lives. Smart home applications which fulfil private, individual demands and smart building applications which intelligently utilise data to ensure commercial buildings are used and operated sustainably are well known. However, smart applications are also being used independently of buildings and districts under the term "smart living". Smart living is an important emerging market for the German economy. Intelligent building technology in our homes can ensure greater comfort and security, and help to conserve energy. Smart living applications combine important developing markets such as smart healthcare, smart mobility and smart cities.

Smart healthcare

The existing healthcare system is complex and cumbersome. New, smart strategies are required such as electronic patient records, personnel deployment planning, remote diagnostics, self-care using fitness apps and wearable technology without neglecting data security, and ambient assisted living concepts.

Smart mobility

Smart mobility is about much more than self-driving cars. In the future, various semi-automated travel options will be available, from private vehicles to local public transport, which will be intelligently organised by a digital transport infrastructure. This will involve analysing data from signal transmitters, information services, traffic lights, road sensors etc., as well as smart parking or smart logistics concepts.

Smart city

The smart city concept enables cities to improve the quality of life for their inhabitants in terms of their environment, community, political participation and more by networking with one another with the help of new technological developments in the fields of energy, mobility, city planning and administration as well as information and communication technology.

Schüco provides intelligent products and systems to enrich your smart, networked life.

Smart home with Schüco

You can find more information about our smart home solutions in our smart home area.