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Windows allow you to see from the inside of a building through to the outside. They ensure the right amount of natural light while also providing sufficient privacy. The design of the window is therefore just as important as its function. Be it for a newbuild or a renovation, Schüco windows are available in a wide range of basic depths and opening types and with practical comfort components. Find the perfect window for every application – from barrier-free and sound reduction right through to panorama windows with the most slimline face widths.

Antimicrobial coating for window handles and profiles

Hygiene requirements continue to rise, especially in areas such as hospitals, nursing homes, nurseries and public buildings. This applies in particular to multi-resistant germs that no longer respond to treatment with conventional medication. Schüco is responding by developing the first window system with an antimicrobial surface finish for window handles. Schüco SmartActive can be used flexibly on the window system depending on requirements – either on the handles only, as the primary contact surfaces, or for the inside of the entire room as well. And it is guaranteed to be free from nano particles.

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