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Vandemoortele Food Experience Center

Circular construction with Schüco

Facts and figures

Location: Ghent, Belgium

Design/construction period: 2017-2019

Gross floor space:  5.176 m²

Schüco systems:

  • FWS 50
  • FW 50 FR 60
  • AWS 70.HI (Cradle to Cradle Silver)
  • ALB sun shading louvre blades (Cradle to Cradle Silver)
  • ADS 70 HD (Cradle to Cradle Silver)

Architect: RAU 

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The Vandemoortele Food Experience Center is a great example of sustainability and circular construction. The zero-energy building with its low environmental impact was designed to have a long usage life while providing a healthy, comfortable working environment. The entire construction is modular and can be fully dismantled and reassembled, much like the Cradle-to-Cradle-certified curtain walling system from Schüco, for example.This means that individual products can be easily reused and subsequently upgraded with minimal changes.

In addition to the passive energy sources used in the construction, various active energy systems help to generate energy from renewable sources. The combination of energy-producing photovoltaic modules on the roof, geothermal probes in conjunction with a heat pump to support the heating/cooling system, air-handling ceiling units, and a rainwater cistern, all supply the building with renewable energy.

The building was awarded the BREEAM Excellent certificate.

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