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Automated windows that can be integrated in smart home systems are now seen as standard for smart homes. With motorised drives and sensors for monitoring of closing, Schüco offers intelligent solutions for secure, comfortable and efficient building operation.  

For Schüco, an intelligent home starts at the front door. Convenient door communication and secure access control allow a traditional front door to be transformed into an intelligent building access point using modern technology.

Automation components from Schüco can be intelligently networked with one another using the Schüco Building Skin Control system platform. The software controls the automatic closing of the windows when it rains, for time-controlled ventilation or energy-efficient night-time cooling, for example.


Smart outside.
Feel good inside.

A smart building envelope makes a smart building.

The façade is more than simply an envelope made of aluminium and glass. When equipped with smart technology, it becomes an intelligent interface between indoors and outdoors, automatically and intelligently controlling temperature, air quality, access, glare protection and sun shading in the building. Smart façades are connected to a comprehensive control system and are therefore instrumental in improving your building's energy balance, reducing time and resources spent on building management, enabling more flexible use of the property, increasing value retention, and most importantly ensuring a healthy work environment for the users and residents.

Smart Window

Automated opening and closing is only one of the many benefits offered by smart windows. The Schüco TipTronic and DriveTec drives can be integrated into the Building Skin Control platform, providing convenient ventilation functions as well as energy-efficient communication between the windows and the heating and shading systems. The Schüco SensTrack wireless sensors and the VdS-tested magnetic switches monitor the locking status of windows, sliding doors and toplights. They can be integrated in smart home systems or building management systems, ensuring smart and secure building management.

Smart Door

For Schüco, an intelligent home starts at the front door. Convenient door communication and secure access control allow a traditional front door to be transformed into an intelligent building access point using modern technology. With the Schüco DCS door management system, the Schüco BlueCon i access control module, and the Schüco Fingerprint Easy biometric access system, Schüco offers intelligent solutions which combine security, comfort and aesthetics in a single module for family homes, apartment buildings, offices and commercial buildings.

Smart Air

The type of room, the number of people using it, and the time of year all contribute to determining the perfect level of ventilation. The perfect solution can be achieved with hybrid ventilation concepts, which combine automated window ventilation via Schüco TipTronic or DriveTec drives with mechanic, decentralised ventilation systems such as Schüco VentoTherm Twist. This means you no longer have to choose between a comfortable room temperature, excellent air quality, and sustainable energy efficiency.

Smart Control

A networked building ensures more security while also saving valuable time, reducing your energy costs and making your home more comfortable. The highest standard of data and information exchange between different units can be achieved through open interfaces. With the Building Skin Control platform, Schüco can operate different systems such as BACnet, KNX or a Cloud connection. Schüco Building Skin Control is an intelligent system which can be updated, allowing it to adapt to future requirements.

Energy efficiency, health, comfort and security

Smart façade units such as windows, doors and sun shading systems respond proactively to environmental conditions to reduce energy consumption. Integrated drive systems for doors and windows allow for barrier-free entrances and make even large windows and sliding doors easy to operate. Smart ventilation solutions create a comfortable, healthy indoor climate. Schüco access control systems, monitoring of closing systems, SHEVS solutions and emergency exit protection systems allow potential dangers and risks to people and property to be reduced or eliminated from the outset.

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