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 CO₂-sparendes Verpackungs-Management für Baustellen

Schüco Carbon Control

Project-specific CO₂ control with Build to Decarb

Fabricators can pave the way for a sustainable building at an early stage in order to actively remain competitive in terms of specifications. Schüco has developed a modular range for this very purpose, consisting of products and services throughout the entire lifecycle of a building that can be used to manage façade decarbonisation on a project-specific basis: Schüco Carbon Control.  

Sustainably controlling the minimisation of carbon emissions 

Schüco Carbon Control is structured like a toolbox for the four life phases of a building: planning, building, operating and dismantling. Accompanying the products and services from the Schüco portfolio, the solution includes project-specific advice from a team of CO₂ advisors that support fabricators, investors, architects and operators in actively minimising the building envelope carbon footprint.  Only a holistic consideration of the façade throughout the entire value chain and lifecycle of buildings will enable all those involved in the construction process to come together and take a huge step towards climate neutrality in the building sector as a whole.