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Excellent thermal insulation, top quality and highly varied design

Highest quality requirements and a wide variety of benefits

Increased standards in terms of thermal insulation and sound reduction, changing needs and technical progress – today, a new entrance door must do much more than ever before. In order to meet these increasing requirements, Schüco entrance doors can be made from different series. You can therefore be certain that your new entrance door from Schüco will do exactly what you expect it to.


Save with systems

Thanks to the high thermal insulation properties, the new PVC-U entrance doors ensure temperatures inside your home remain pleasant, even when they fall below zero outside. At the same time, they also keep the heat out in summer. To plan a new Schüco PVC-U entrance door to suit your individual needs, there is a selection of different profile series available which meet the most varied of requirements in terms of thermal insulation. In this way, entrance doors to passive house level can also be created.

Create individual designs

Schüco TopAlu combines the excellent thermal insulation of a PVC-U entrance door with the particularly high-quality appearance of aluminium. Whether coated or anodised – the Schüco TopAlu external aluminium cover cap provides almost unlimited design options. At the same time, it is very resistant to environmental influences and extremely weather-resistant, which reduces the maintenance requirements of your new Schüco door to a minimum.

Added quality

Effortless operation should be a matter of course for a modern entrance door. Intelligent solutions also allow the ease of use to be significantly increased. To achieve this, Schüco offers a wide selection of accessory components, which make many things easier and more convenient. There is a wide range of options open to you – from special hinges and handles right through to the automation of your PVC-U entrance door.

Feel secure

To feel safe and secure at home at all times, it is worth investing in your own security. Thanks to a variety of different components, entrance doors made from Schüco PVC-U systems can be customised to meet your personal security needs. Claw bolt locks, for example, offer increased security as the claw bolt anchors the door even more firmly into the frame, making it much more difficult to lever out. This makes security not just a feeling, but a certainty.

For durable entrance doors and sustainable building

There are plenty of good reasons to choose Schüco PVC-U entrance doors and one is the impressive quality of Schüco products. Schüco entrance doors are therefore particularly durable and remain fully functional for many years.

Schüco LivIng – entrance doors developed to meet your requirements

Schüco LivIng sets new standards in terms of comfort, security, energy efficiency and design. With a basic depth of 82 mm and excellent thermal insulation values, it has all the features that are necessary for pioneering energy-saving doors. New sealing technology offers effective protection against draughts, moisture and noise – throughout the lifetime of the entrance door. “Made in Germany” quality and burglar resistance to resistance class RC 2.

  • Thermal insulation with a Uf value of 1.4 W/(m2K)
  • Protection against wind and weather through two sealing levels
  • Easy-access design
  • Multiple design options

Schüco CT 70 – the all-rounder among door systems

Schüco CT 70 doors are suitable for a wide variety of uses in both newbuild and renovation projects. An extensive range of accessories ensures a high level of system security. The proven multi-chamber profile and thermal break of the door threshold guarantee a high level of thermal insulation and thereby offer considerable energy-saving potential.

  • Excellent thermal insulation with a Uf value of 1.1 W/(m2K)
  • Easily integrated comfort and security functions
  • Easy-access design
  • A variety of colour and design options

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