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Design freedom for the highest quality standards

Aluminum: a material that builds the future

Aluminum entrance doors from Schüco combine numerous, timeless designs with the highest degree of security, thermal insulation, weathertightness and durability. This means there are virtually no limits to creativity – even large-scale doors are feasible.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Maximum stability and durability thanks to the high aluminum content
  • Operational reliability and convenient functionality
  • Weathering resistance
  • Long life cycle
  • Low maintenance
  • Elegant design
  • Optimum energy efficiency and thermal insulation
  • Recyclable, ecological sustainability
  • Increased building value
  • Robust

Constant room climate

A thermally insulated Schüco entrance door guarantees a comfortable room climate whatever the temperature outside. The heat is kept inside the house during the cold season and outside during the summer. In this way, you save on expensive energy for your heating and air conditioning unit – whilst also helping to protect the climate. Schüco guarantees you the highest insulation values whatever the weather. Our door thresholds also shield you from discomfort caused by driving rain and draughts.

Create individual designs

A visually perfect door design is created by combining coordinated door frames, leaf frames and door infills. The door infill, integrated in the frame of the active door leaf, is the most important styling element for giving your dream door a distinctive design thanks to the variety of colours and shapes. Your Schüco partner has a comprehensive range of door infills waiting for you. However you want to express yourself. The option to design door frames and door infills with different colours inside and outside provides further design options.

System-based door communication

Modern door management systems, such as the Schüco Door Control System (DCS), are an ideal addition to high-quality entrance doors. DCS not only offers a unique combination of access control, door communication and emergency exit control, as well as an elegant black glass finish, it can also be flush-fitted in the door profile. The entrance door and system thereby form a perfect unit, both technically and visually. All individual modules can be combined with one another however you desire. 

Feel secure

Wouldn't you rather think about the people next to you before going to sleep, rather than the ones who might be trying to break in? Thanks to the latest locking systems and tested resistance classes, like the certified Schüco AD UP Residential profile system, and individual fittings options, living comfort, visual design and burglar protection are uniquely combined. In this way you can optimise your home according to your personal security requirements from the very start.

Create residential value with Schüco aluminium entrance doors

Aluminium is the right choice for you. Aluminium entrance doors meet the highest quality requirements and offer a range of benefits: