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Fittings – comfort components

Fittings are small but incredibly smart aids for solving everyday problems and challenges. They offer that something extra when it comes to comfort and convenience – all while being completely concealed. We've all been there before: open the windows wide to get the air flowing, only for them to slam shut again unless they are held open by a water bottle or vase. Schüco comfort components help to make your everyday life a little easier and provide support where windows need to be brought under control.

Windows need to be easy to operate – irrespective of your living situation.

“Oh dear, I just can't manage to open the window. I don't have enough strength to do it from my wheelchair. Hopefully someone will come and help...”

Everyone needs to be able to open a window by themselves – be it for ventilation or to get a better view outside. The operating force required to do this must be as low as possible.

Everyday situations like these are made simpler by small fittings which can be retrofitted and are easy to integrate.

The spring-loaded unit and cord ejector comfort fittings make moving into and out of the tilt position easier.

Do your curtains get caught when you tilt your window?

“Whenever I open the window, my new curtains get caught. I'm sure they are going to get torn soon!”

A home has to be flexible. Flexibility also means being able to design your window opening to suit your individual needs. In some rooms you may want to reduce the opening width, to prevent collisions with curtains. You may also want to protect small four-legged friends like cats from hurting themselves on tilted windows as well as avoiding other potential accidents.

But there is a solution – Schüco crack ventilation provides a small ventilation cross section without trapping the curtains. This is completely concealed in the window rebate and can be retrofitted.

Crack ventilation (turn/tilt and side-hung / turn/tilt double-vent)
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Crack ventilator, turn & tilt
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Good ventilation and oxygen supplies significantly improve productivity. But we also encounter everyday problems here too.


“Argh, my papers! Ventilation when there are draughts is just not practical”

Whether you are in the office, in a classroom or at home, getting plenty of fresh air is important. The fastest way to do this is to open a window wide. But as soon as it gets windy outside, there is the risk that the vent will swing open or slam shut. This can be frustrating and, in the worst case scenario, even cause damage! Solve this problem with the Schüco comfort components.

The vent brake, which can be retrofitted, restricts the vent between 15° and 90° via the handle. The window is positioned and secured for ventilation, without the need for improvisation.