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Aluminum recycling - A/U/F

The aim of A/U/F (Aluminum and the Environment in Window and Façade Construction) is to promote the sustainable disposal and processing of dismantled building components / profiles from aluminum windows, doors and façades for the purpose of reusing the material. Members of A/U/F, to which Schüco also belongs, include system houses, manufacturers, fabricators and suppliers from all over Germany. A/U/F deals with the responsible recycling of disused aluminum window profiles, which are almost 100% recyclable. To recycle the old profiles, they are shredded, cleaned and melted down. The advantage is that processing old aluminum only requires approximately 5% of the energy that would be needed to produce primary aluminum. This is another argument in favour of the cost-effectiveness of this process. The sustainability of aluminum systems is therefore comparable with that of other materials. The figures speak for themselves - 75% of the aluminum produced since 1888 is still in use today. The quality of the processed aluminum is no different to that of the original material and there are no restrictions to its use for new profiles.


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