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Balconies and balustrades

A balcony increases not only living comfort, but also the value of a property. Schüco balconies and balustrades come in a huge range of designs, with optimum system compatibility, individual design options and high weather resistance – and with safe and rational fabrication.


Safe and rational prefabrication

Prefabrication of Schüco balconies is quick and easy, with a fast installation process.

Fabrication support

With digital solutions, instructions, training and accessories, Schüco is your one-stop shop for fabrication support.

Customised product range

Whether it's a question of requirements for materials, structural analysis, design or function: Schüco balcony systems can meet a wide range of what architects and investors want – from built-on balconies and stacked balconies to add-on balconies.

Balconies in practice

Picture the scene: this is what your new Schüco balcony could look like. A view of nature, the far horizon or city lights.