A skilful combination. The Schüco machine AS 100

The new Schüco AS 100 fabrication system combines the benefits of a continious feed machining centre with those of a 5-axis CNC machine: for cost-effective fabrication, a process that can be scheduled, and a flexible machining.

The new Schüco AS 100 fabrication system

With its myriad cutting and notching options, the new Schüco AS 100 fabrication system is as flexible as a state-of-the-art 5-axis machine. With its speed, continuous fabrication process and operation that is sometimes unmanned, the machine offers all the benefits of a continuous feed system. The new titan of fabrication optimisation further impresses with its low space requirements. This is due to a combined loading and unloading magazine, which can hold profiles up to 7500 mm. At the heart of the system is the processing station. A 9 m machine bed accommodates not only the two 5-axis towers, which process the profiles on six sides, but also five self-positioning clamps. The unprecedented combination of reliable clamping, surface protection and felxibility facilitates easy handling of different profile geometries.

Combined loading and unloading magazine

Continuous feed process for as much unmanned operation as possible.


Variabl collet for feeding in and out for a wide variety of profile contours.


Range of options through automatic profile contour support and processing.

Processing towers

5-axis processing towers which work in parallel save time and money. Furthermore, flexible processing (including cutting and notching) is possible thanks to free choice of angle and a wide selection of tools.


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