Aluminium Door Universal Platform


Schüco AD UP door system

Designed for Excellence

The Schüco AD UP (Aluminium Door Universal Platform) door system unites functional reliability with modern, high quality design. Whether it's a stylish front door or a frequently used commercial door, the special construction principle using a 5-chamber profile composition provides both stability and all the technical prerequisites for an intelligent door system. The two core basic depths of 75 and 90 mm allow the system platform to be tailored to individual requirements in energy efficiency and weathertightness. The construction principle, which is the same across all basic depths, and the symmetrical profile composition make for simple fabrication and installation.

  • Schüco AD UP 75 door system
  • Schüco AD UP 90 door system

System platform

Insert panel / glass infill

A future-oriented door system offering high performance for residential and commercial buildings in basic depths of 75 and 90 mm.

Technical Product Information

Key benefits at a glance

System platform

  • Reduced storage requirement for the entire system platform thanks to a symmetrical profile composition and identical aluminium shells for all basic depths
  • Reduced number of components thanks to application-specific outer frames, e.g. Schüco AD UP 75 BL outer frames with and without bar grooves
  • Retrofittable centre gasket system for altered usage requirements
  • Fittings components suitable for all basic depths, e.g. one barrel hinge for all systems and design options

Design meets technology

Door communication and access control

The profile composition without foams means the cabling can be concealed and enables precision integration of the technology. The door system can be perfectly integrated with door communication and access control systems.


Fabrication and installation benefits

  • Symmetrical profile composition for identical fabrication principles across all systems and basic depths
  • High frame and unit stability with central fittings installation, concealed unit fixing and integrated support for frame anchor
  • High system stability in conjunction with tolerance-forgiving system and joint dimensions makes secure and installation-friendly fabrication possible
  • Barrel hinge for all applications
  • Schüco AD UP 90 door system, mounted infill, leaf-enclosing on one side
  • Schüco AD UP 90 door system, mounted infill, leaf-enclosing on both sides
  • Concealed 100° hinge


Sophisticated system-based design

A visually perfect door design is created through the coordinated combination of door frames, leaf frames and door infills. The door infill, integrated in the frame of the active door leaf, is the most important styling element. With leaf-enclosing door infills (mounted infills on one or both sides), concealed door hinges and different leaf types, the system also offers visual design freedom and combines high-quality door design with individual special features.

Mechanical mounted infill

The mechanical mounted infills extend the Schüco Universal Platform by providing innovative, clean mechanical infill fixing. The system variants in 75 mm and 90 mm basic depths can be designed to be leaf-enclosing on one or both sides, allowing front doors and entrance doors for residential buildings to be fabricated quickly and efficiently.

  • Schüco AD UP 75 BL door system, mounted infill on one side, mechanical
  • Schüco AD UP 90 BL door system, mounted infill on both sides, mechanical



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