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Schüco door systems are perfectly designed to meet the requirements of future-proof, intelligent and modern building entrances and exits. As high-performance and complex multifunctional doors, they meet the highest requirements for sound insulation, burglar resistance and barrier-free access.

Individually designed entrance doors from Schüco create very personal touches. Thanks to the variety of design options, they can be perfectly matched to your own wishes and the architecture of a house.



Our innovative Schüco door systems offer solutions that set new standards for modern, future-orientated architecture in terms of energy, security, stability, automation and design. Whether as a stylish entrance door or a project door subject to heavy use, the future-orientated systems offer fabricators functional, use-orientated solutions for every requirement.


The need for security is more relevant than ever – not least when planning and using buildings. Schüco door systems offer flexible designs up to resistance class RC3 for varying burglar resistance requirements in properties.


Be it a newbuild or renovation project, customised door systems with thermal insulation and weathertightness tailored to your requirements are essential components for an energy-efficient building envelope. The Schüco product range offers a huge number of solutions for every energetic requirement up to passive house standard.


Modern, future-proof construction requires intelligent doors. They combine state-of-the-art profile technology and mechanics with automated components that can be networked, providing added convenience and building security in smart buildings.


Thanks to their universal applications, Schüco door systems offer barrier-free solutions for both residential and commercial buildings as well as renovations. They can be used effectively and reliably, while meeting all legal and standard-related requirements.

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Schüco door systems combine numerous timeless designs with the highest degree of security, thermal insulation, weathertightness and durability. See for yourself: