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System-based living spaces

Conservatories and terrace roofs

Sunlight is vitalising and transmits a feeling of wellbeing. With a conservatory, you give
the sun free access and bring more light into the house – the dream of many home owners. And the variety of types and forms of conservatory on offer is matched only by the variety of the benefits for the home owner once they opt to add a conservatory.

System-based diversity

A conservatory or a terrace roof is made up of many individual elements. All of these must fit together perfectly. With the intelligent Schüco system solutions, you are always on the safe side. You receive all of the components from a single source, including a huge range of designs and quick installation! That means premium quality – perfect aluminium fabrication, long-lasting and weather-resistant. And this produces conservatories and terrace roofs that set the standard.

Customised product range from one place

With Schüco system solutions, you get everything you need all from one place. Its extensive range of accessories means Schüco can extend your options for customising your project to location-specific and personal requirements.

Reduced installation time

Optional pre-installation of the roofs, pre-inserted weatherstrips in the profiles and the high degree of prefabrication of modules reduce installation time on site – ensuring that the whole process runs smoothly.

Fabrication with reduced number of components

Thanks to the modular construction of Schüco conservatories and terrace roofs with only a few individual components, you can save time and space when it comes to storage and fabrication – without limiting performance, function or design options.

Individual style

From a simple terrace roof to a variant with lateral wind protection, through to a conservatory with a non-insulated folding/sliding system – Schüco conservatories can be customised down to the last millimetre. There are no fixed dimensions.

Our systems

Create individual wellbeing spaces using optimised, easy-to-manufacture systems - terrace roof PRC 50 and the elegant Schüco CMC 50 conservatory.