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Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)

Sustainable and energy efficient buildings

The EU Building Directive from 2021 requires a largely balanced energy balance (nearly zero energy) for new buildings. With the combination of highly thermally insulating building envelopes and the Schüco building-integrated photovoltaic system (BIPV), Schüco offers the right solutions. BIPV modules are  not only a visible sign of environmental protection and sustainability, but are also an important component in the realization of low-, zero- and plus-energy buildings. The building-integrated photovoltaics take over a variety of functions of other building materials and elements such as weather protection, thermal insulation, sun and privacy protection as well as sound insulation, fire and burglary protection, while at the same time increasing the energy balance of the building by generating electricity.

Wide range of use in Schüco systems
Ventilated façades with BIPV

BIPV modules are a key design feature in ventilated façades in addition to performing a protective function by shielding the non-ventilated area of the building against the weather. Double-glazed modules are used for this. By adjusting the module dimensions to the façade module size, a visually uniform appearance can be achieved. Even in the case of unusual façade geometries, the modules and cells can be shaped to perfectly fit the edges of the building. 

Non-ventilated façades with BIPV

A solar, non-ventilated façade with Schüco BIPV modules as infill units is capable of meeting every requirement places on a façade for room division: statics, thermal insulation, protection against the weather and sound reduction. The semi-transparent insulating glass modules feature outstanding Ug values and can be used in place of conventional double or triple glazing. The complete technical and architectural integration of all façade components in a single plane, including solar energy generation, permits unusual design options with a flush-fitted appearance across the whole of the façade. 

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Skylights with BIPV

As multi-purpose insert units in skylight constructions, Schüco BIPV modules allow solar architectural solutions to be created with a wide variety of interior and exterior designs. They can take on the functions of thermal insulation, sun shading and protection from glare and the weather for the building, while also enabling the targeted use of natural light. 

Other systems with BIPV

Be it windows, entrance areas or terraces, creative solutions are offered by louvre blades, sliding shutters or canopies in conjunction with the photovoltaic modules to allow custom façade architecture to be designed – while also offering protection against solar radiation and rain. The ideal angle of 30° to 45° and rear ventilation for construction reasons offer optimum solar efficiency.