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The 2010s: Fit for the future

With innovative products and digital solutions, Schüco positions itself as the technology and service leader in the industry. Millions invested strategically in construction create new working environments. In every activity, sustainability is at the forefront: it is not a trend for Schüco, it’s an attitude.

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On 1 October 2012, Andreas Engelhardt becomes the new Chairman of the Executive Management Board and takes on the role of CEO and Managing Partner in September 2014.

A change in strategy

2012 The sun continues to provide free, clean energy, but the drop in the price of photovoltaic modules and an overall reduction in demand, caused by the restriction of subsidies, makes a fundamental change in strategy unavoidable. Schüco focuses on its core business in the metal construction and PVC-U divisions, concentrating on what it does best: windows, doors and façades. 

2013 Schüco presents the Parametric concept and the new SimplySmart generation of fittings.

2014 Andreas Engelhardt takes over the role of CEO and Managing Partner, two years after becoming the new Chairman of the Executive Management Board.

Driving innovation

2015 FWS 50.SI+ for mullion/transom façades is launched, the first passive house-certified aluminium system.More system innovations follow: the minimal face widths of the innovative Schüco FWS 35 façade system and the new ASS 77 PD sliding system allow almost frameless transparency. The FWS 60 CV façade system offers impressive concealed opening units.The Parametric system becomes the first three-dimensional façade system to be launched and Schüco establishes a fully digital value creation process for it, from planning through to construction. 

2016 The entire PVC-U business is split off into the subsidiary Schüco Polymer Technologies KG in early 2016 and expands the PVC-U product portfolio with the new Schüco LivIng system. In the same year, with a majority shareholding in EPS Systems GmbH & Co. KG in Siegen, Schüco expands its product range to include the FACID textile façade system.

Concealed drive: Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart sets new standards in concealed drive technology. The mechatronic fitting for automating Schüco aluminium window systems simplifies energy management, building automation and security while setting new standards with its puristic design. 

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The new Schüco LivIng system series features impressive convenience, security and energy efficiency.The Schüco LivIng window systems are the first products from the series to be launched on the market, with the Schüco LivIngSlide sliding system following two years later.
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We are enlarging our head office. For our employees, this means modern offices that simplify work and communication. Different working environments come together under one roof and provide space for ideas to be exchanged more easily. Credits: 3XN Architects

Well positioned for the future

2018 Schüco expands its product portfolio. Through its stake in Sälzer GmbH in Marburg, Schüco significantly expands its business activities in the field of high security. Meanwhile, with the acquisition of Soreg AG in Switzerland, the focus is on the sale and marketing of high-end sliding systems.

2019 Schüco takes even more responsibility for climate protection. Together with the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), the company sets ambitious carbon reduction targets with the aim of helping to limit global warming to 1.5°C. Schüco is also striving to be carbon neutral across its entire value chain by 2040. 

2020 Rethinking service: Schüco lays the foundations for simple, fast production for metal fabricators with the construction of a KIT fabrication production hall for prefabricating assemblies for high-end sliding units.

2021 The Schüco Campus in Bielefeld and other sites see the creation of modern working environments and innovative showrooms which focus on the benefits for employees and customers and lay the foundations for a successful future.