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Visually perfect integration of window vent and load-bearing structure in the façade

The Schüco FWS 60 CV (Concealed Vent) façade system harmoniously combines slimline face widths with a high degree of functionality and excellent thermal insulation. With a face width of just 60 mm, opening units and fixed fields are indistinguishable from the outside. On the flush, closed inside, only a slender shadow gap and the window handle betray the presence of the window vents.

Large unit heights with floor-to-ceiling side-hung and turn/tilt vents ensure maximum façade transparency. Structurally advanced units as well as toplights and bottom lights provide increased design freedom.

A further benefit of the façade system is the integration of automatic ventilation control, e.g. for night-time cooling, which can be implemented with mechatronic vents – even as a bottom-hung vent without a window handle.

With the ribbon window, Schüco is once again fulfilling its obligation to create ecologically sustainable products. The system has been awarded the Bronze "Cradle-to-Cradle Certified™" sustainability label by the independent C2CPII institute in cooperation with EPEA in Hamburg for its recycling properties and minimum toxin content.

Awards & Certifications

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Awards & Certifications

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Awards & Certifications

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Awards & Certifications

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Planning benefit

  • Tested burglar resistance guarantees a high security standard
  • Design and function are in harmony with each other through the seamless integration of window vent and load-bearing structure: opening units and fixed fields are no longer distinguishable from the outside
  • Flush-fitted transition with slimline shadow gap between window vent and outer frame on the inside
  • Narrow face widths and floor-to-ceiling side-hung and turn/tilt opening units offer maximum transparency
  • Toplights and bottom lights ensure enhanced individual design options, even with mechatronic bottom-hung vents without window handles
  • Tested safety barrier loading in accordance with DIN 18008: either via profile-integrated spandrel safety barriers or concealed limiting stays


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