Step inside!


with Design sliding doors from Schüco

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Step inside!

with Design sliding doors from Schüco

My home. My view. My Design sliding door.

A door is just a door, isn't it? Not exactly. Anyone opting for a sliding door right now is making a good choice: sliding doors flood rooms with natural light and provide an almost barrier-free transition from inside to outside. Narrow profiles with no obtrusive door frames offer the best possible views to the outside. If you're looking for light and airy rooms, then you are going to love the large-scale glass areas and wide opening widths that only sliding doors can achieve. And while we are on the subject of space: the interior also benefits, as conventional pivoting door leaves that take up space in the room are a thing of the past. Modern sliding doors are also very energy-efficient, both in summer and winter, keeping the heat and the cold out.

With Schüco Design sliding doors, you can create the perfect sliding door for your building project and style.

Award-winning design.
Award-winning design.
Top quality.
Top quality.
Proven technology. Long-term satisfaction.
Proven technology. Long-term satisfaction.
Innovative and sustainable solutions.
Innovative and sustainable solutions.

Which sliding door

is right for me?







The exclusive one Frameless and large-scale

Views don't get any better than this. Generous areas of glass and narrow profiles are the hallmarks of Schüco Panorama Design sliding doors.

The multitalented one Versatile and proven

The Classic Design sliding door features impressive versatility and is therefore the perfect choice for virtually every building project.

The space-saving one Flexible and space-saving

Unrestricted views to the outside. Living area and terrace become one – made possible by the Bi-fold Design sliding door when it is fully open.

Sliding doors from Schüco mean design. Comfort. Security. Energy efficiency. Sustainability.

And perhaps even more – for your personal wellbeing. When you take on a building or renovation project, you carefully choose all the elements. But it's not just the interior design that has an impact on your future living environment – your choice of door does too. Sliding doors from Schüco are always so much more than just a door. They are a connection between indoors and outdoors. A source of light. A layer of protection against the cold, heat and even burglars.


DESIGN. Make your home truly unique.

Sliding doors provide more than just a function, they are a design feature of your living space. Style it your way with handles, colours and profiles.


COMFORT. Has many different facets.

Sliding doors from Schüco offer maximum comfort and convenience – be it with barrier-free access, opening, closing or ventilation.


SECURITY. Simply close the door on danger.

Despite their narrow profiles and large glass areas, Schüco Design sliding doors feature tested, certified burglar resistance.


SMART. For intelligent living.

Whether via an app, at the touch of a button or using a voice command, you can control your Schüco sliding doors easily and securely – for even easier living.


Aluminium or PVC-U. The choice is yours!

Each material has its benefits. This often makes it difficult to make the right decision. Good news: with Schüco you can choose from both aluminium and PVC-U sliding doors.


SUSTAINABILITY. More than just environmental and climate protection.

Sustainability is multifaceted. Sustainable action at Schüco comprises many things, including the use of recycled materials, recyclability, longevity and energy efficiency.

Schüco is more than just sliding doors.

Schüco is a systems provider – for windows, doors and façades.


Schüco is the market-leading systems provider of windows, doors and façades. Schüco is represented by the 5650 employees who work daily in 80 countries across the world to turn your house into a home. Since our foundation in 1951, our down-to-earth Bielefeld-based family company has developed into an industry leader. With a great deal of passion, energy and expertise, we work in many fields – design, technology, security, comfort and sustainability – to do things better, all the time. Just like our sliding systems. This sometimes means making things smaller, like our slimline profiles, or removing something completely, like the threshold. Our technology now makes it possible to bring space and nature together as one. And turn your house into a home.

My sliding door is from Schüco!