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Schüco Sun Shading System CTB in Schüco Façade System FWS 50/60

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External aluminium micro louvre blade system for optimal shading

Thanks to its aluminium micro louvre blades, the Schüco CTB (Concealed Toughened Blind) sun shading system permits optimum shading while at the same time a high level of transparency provides the best possible views to the outside.

The louvre blade blinds can be rolled up and concealed integrated in the Schüco FWS 50 and Schüco FWS 60 façade systems, guaranteeing a cohesive façade appearance.

The louvre blades made from extruded aluminium can be incorporated perfectly into the external design of the building envelope as their surfaces can be anodised.

The highly stable system can withstand extreme wind loads and even be used in tall buildings, practically regardless of wind loads – with maximum performance in terms of efficiency. The solar energy transmittance of the integrated sun shading is calculated depending on the angle of the sun: at an angle of 50° in summer, less than 2 percent of solar energy reaches the room. Rooms therefore heat up less and the energy costs for air conditioning are significantly reduced.

Fabrication benefits

  • Fully integrated sun shading without a façade-mounted fascia
  • High degree of prefabrication
  • Blind guide integrated in the cover caps of the façade mullions ensures a low level of fabrication complexity when installing the system
  • Process reliability during fabrication by means of a system-based solution
  • Accessory components have been perfectly designed for Schüco FWS 50/60 façade systems


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