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i.NNOVATIONNOW - One year. Three topics. Countless innovations.

Our new Schüco i.NNOVATIONNOW online platform hones in on three topics which will shape construction for years to come:

Health - Healthy Building. Smart – Smart Building. Security – Secure Building. Why not start with our virtual tours and be inspired by our product experts? Experience our new online platform now and do not miss out any detailed information on our product highlights.

Portrait - Andreas Engelhardt

"Schüco i.NNOVATIONNOW is a completely new type of digital product presentation, which we developed specifically for our customers and partners during these extraordinary times. It is informative, varied and personal."

Andreas Engelhardt, Managing Partner
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Can you spare 3 minutes?

Schüco innovations are explained in a nutshell in our new short videos.

Digital building envelopes as the backbone of smart cities. Fire protection systems that combine maximum security and design. Sustainable and maintenance-free monitoring of closing for energy-efficient operation of the building.

With our product innovations, we are responding to the latest trends and topics.

Find out more about improved fabrication, new product features and optimised installation. Or be inspired by our future topics. Watch now and discover Schüco innovations. 



HEALTH – Healthy Building.

This issue hasn't just been a hot topic since the pandemic. We've never spent so much time indoors. So it's no wonder that this matter is becoming increasingly important. It has many facets, including natural ventilation with sound reduction and heat recovery, antimicrobial handles and surface finishes, ease of access for windows, doors and sliding doors, and fully integrated sun shading solutions.

We'll show how you can create a healthy living and working environment with our new products. Find out about our innovations here.

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SMART – Smart Building.

The world of tomorrow is networked and smart. But what does "smart" actually mean in terms of construction? With the rise of digitalisation, this topic is ever-present. Faster, more efficient fabrication with preassembled units, unitised construction, textile façades, integrated and surface-mounted drives – these are just some of the buzzwords which are already playing a key role in the design, construction and operation of buildings.

We'll show you how everything is connected and how you can provide long-term value for owners and residents with our new smart products. Find out about our innovations here.