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The perfect combination of design and security

The perfect combination of design and security

Clients today want brighter rooms that are flooded with light. Accordingly, the trend is for floor-to-ceiling window units, the safety barrier loading capacity of which is regulated by standards and directives.

Safety barriers – An overview of the options

Schüco has three attractive options that not only provide first-class protection, but can also be integrated into the façade design. Glass safety barriers keep the view to the outside clear and do not affect the appearance of the façade as they are barely visible. In contrast to this, the bar safety barrier or a combination of glass and bar safety barrier set individual accents on the façade. Tubes with various diameters and flexible distances between the bars allow for many different design options. The one thing all of the different options have in common is that they meet the statutory security specifications.

Glass safety barrier

The transparent glass safety barrier is barely visible and allows a clear view to the outside without compromising the harmonious external appearance of the façade.

  • Glass thicknesses from 10 to 16 mm