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Schüco and Urban Beta at the 2022 Greentech Festival

From 22-24 June 2022, we caught a glimpse of the future at the former Berlin Tegel airport. That was where the Greentech Festival – a global platform for sustainable innovations – was held. For the fourth time, it brought together start-ups, enterprises, consumers, politicians and environmental activists to discuss energy autonomy, climate protection and decarbonisation. Schüco took part in the event together with Urban Beta.

Sustainability in construction and mobility – BetaPort from Urban Beta

betaport lol
BetaPort - Brand Video (©Urban Beta + Morean)

In future, construction must be circular and mobility must be carbon-free. The start-up Urban Beta brings together these two aspects in its concept BetaPort. Urban Beta presented a new generation of this modular mobility hub at the 2022 Greentech Festival in Berlin. Schüco was also on site at the former Tegel airport as an exhibitor. We showcased those of our products which can be combined with BetaPort and which also contribute to sustainable energy generation.

The construction system in detail

The construction system in detail

Intersections, supports, beams, floor/ceiling units and modular, adaptable façades – these are the core components of the BetaPort construction system. The system is built on a 1.25 m grid and is suitable for buildings of up to three storeys in building class 3. For the three-storey construction, the maximum distance between load-bearing beams is 3.75 m; larger spans are possible with lower building heights. In keeping with the principles of circularity, all of the system components can be recycled by type at the end of their useful life. The load-bearing structure consists of timber materials and steel connectors. The hybrid floor/ceiling units are made from timber and recycled concrete.

The Beta Builder is available to help plan the mobility hub. This is a digital configurator, which enables you to play around with different compositions of the individual BetaPorts. The software calculates the floor plan and façade areas of the designs in real time and makes estimates of the maximum user numbers. Urban Beta is currently working on interfaces with the production of the units, the procurement of the building materials and the calculation of the carbon emissions.

Mobility of the future

On foot, on two or four wheels or carried by cushions of air and rotor blades – we still don't know exactly how we will move through cities in future. What is certain, however, is that the mobility of the future must be carbon-free. BetaPort is designed for a wide range of different vehicle types. Electric and driverless vehicles can be charged, cargo bikes are available, there are charging stations for e-bikes, and future air traffic has even been taken into account, for example with landing areas to be reserved for air taxis and cargo drones in future BetaPorts.

Systems for spaces that grow with you

Modular, scalable and circular, but also suitable for long-term use – the start-up Urban Beta ticks all of these boxes with its modular timber construction systems. The flexible modules enable not only mobility hubs to be built but also cost-effective living spaces, for example. Social, economical and ecological sustainability go hand-in-hand. Urban Beta has recently completed the BetaHood research project together with the Berliner Stadtmission (Berlin City Mission), Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and the professional services firm Arup. Supported by the research initiative Zukunft Bau, the project partners developed a concept for social residential construction as an interim use on brownfield land. The guiding principle behind it all is “Space as a service” – the buyer purchases the space, but the building materials are just rented and can be given back at the end of the usage period.

03_BetaPort_UrbanBeta_©BitScapes + Urban Beta
©BitScapes + Urban Beta
01_BetaPort_UrbanBeta_©Urban Beta
BetaPort Next - Greentech Festival 2022 (©Urban Beta)

BetaPort Next: the second generation

At the 2021 Greentech Festival in Berlin, Urban Beta presented BetaPort One – the first circular prototype for future mobility hubs. At this year's festival in June, the company presented BetaPort Next as a live showcase of the next generation. The 100 m2 mobility hub was two storeys high and permitted a seamless connection to the land, water and air in terms of mobility. The regenerative energy supply comes as standard with BetaPort Next, as does the integration of a charging infrastructure. BetaPort Next can be configured flexibly with regard to size and façade design.

The Urban Beta start-up

The start-up Urban Beta describes itself as a spatial innovation studio, with the intention of being much more than a traditional architectural practice. Founded by four architects – Anke Parsons, Paul Bart, Marvin Bratke and Florian Michaelis – it has two sites, one in Berlin and one in Kiel, and a global network of partners from New York to Shanghai. The work of Urban Beta is based on four principles: Impact to Empathy, Foresight by Design, Space On Demand, and Circular Realization. In short, this means that social goals are a core value for the company, research and practice go hand in hand, and circular construction is a non-negotiable. All of the company's activities are based on a network philosophy. Instead of developing their projects and business models behind closed doors, the team takes an open source approach and works with experts from a variety of disciplines, industrial firms and the intended users.

10_BetaPort_UrbanBeta_©Urban Beta
BetaPort Next - Greentech Festival 2022 (©Urban Beta)

Circular construction in concrete terms – Schüco at the 2022 Greentech Festival

Solutions for greater energy efficiency, regenerative energy supply and a circular economy are hot topics at the Greentech Festival. Schüco has all the right products and systems for this: building envelopes with the highest thermal insulation standards, building-integrated photovoltaics and Cradle to Cradle-certified façade systems.

What next? Climate Festival for the Building Revolution

Next stop: Düsseldorf. On 2-4 November 2022, the first "KlimaFestival für die Bauwende" (Climate Festival for the Building Revolution) will take place at the metropolis on the Rhine. In the Alte Schmiedehallen (old forging halls), town planners and architects, industry experts and scientists, investors and politicians will discuss what the construction sector can do about climate change. Schüco is on board as a main sponsor of the event.

If you would like to learn more about sustainability at Schüco, read our

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More about Urban Beta and BetaPort

More about Urban Beta and BetaPort