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Definition of live streaming and web TV

Web TV, IPTV, VoD, live streaming; these terms are and have been causing a stir in recent years, and stand for one thing above all – the live broadcast of events via the Internet or the provision of video on demand. The possibilities here are almost endless – from live broadcasts of concerts, conferences or online advertising, interactive educational programmes or worldwide video conferences through to major sport events.

What is live streaming?

This means the real-time broadcast of live events via digital networks. The process and the set-up can be compared with live productions on the television – the only difference here is the broadcast technology. For television, for example, the live signal is transmitted via the production truck or fibre networks to a satellite or a broadcasting organisation. For live streaming, however, the signal is transmitted via an Internet cable to an online player. Aside from the immense cost saving, the advantage of live streaming is the integration of feedback and interaction channels with a worldwide audience.


Schüco uses its own "Video Center" (LiveSize) which permits recordings up to full HD. At present, up to 3000 users can access one video stream at the same time. The technology used by Schüco allows both videos and presentation data to be streamed and recorded in parallel. The user can choose between different layouts in a stream.In principle, every event (workshop, training course, presentation, etc.) can be broadcast worldwide – 4 streams are simultaneously generated for different qualities or different end devices (PCs, mobile devices, etc.).The streams, as well as the recording at a later time, can be called up via a simple link.

Should you require live streaming or a recording for one of your events, or have any questions about this, please contact the Marketing/Video Communication department:

Mr Ralf Hauser,, +49 521 783 7698


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