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Schüco video conferencing technology

Expand networks - Save time - Reduce costs


Crystal clear pictures, minimal start-up costs, simple operation, no connection charges.

Conduct planning meetings with external partners from your own office; manage your projects efficiently, even on the move; edit documents and drawings at the same time. That is video conferencing technology today.

These days, communication with Schüco partners worldwide often takes place via video conferencing. We discuss projects, architecture and systems with ease. This means the relationship with our customers is more immediate, giving the company a significant advantage. Thanks to the video technology already installed and being continuously developed at Schüco, every Schüco employee can be reached by video.

Video communication should not replace personal contact with Schüco!
However, faster decisions, lower travel costs, reduced travel time and green technology, all represent clear added value for this new type of communication.

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