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Data protection provisions (e-recruiting)


Schüco takes protecting your personal data seriously. We always handle this data confidentially and in accordance with German data protection provisions, in particular the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz) and the German Telecommunications Act (Telemediengesetz). The following information on data protection is intended to give you as detailed an overview as possible as to what happens to your data, particularly when using the e-recruiting service.

In the absence of any special provisions and/or provisions to the contrary below relating to the online application system, please note that our General information on data protection also applies. 

This declaration applies exclusively to Schüco International KG (hereinafter "Schüco").

If you have any further questions or would like more information on the topic, send an e-mail to: e-recruiting@schueco.com.


To use the Schüco online application system, you provide us with personal data (e.g. name, address, telephone number, e-mail address), as well as other data and information (e.g. relating to your CV or your qualifications) and application documents (e.g. references).

All of this data, information and documentation (hereinafter "Data") will only be collected, stored and used for purposes related to logging and processing your online application. This includes making contact with you, unless you have given your express consent to Schüco being able to send you information about the company (innovations, events etc.). 

To use the Schüco e-recruiting service, there is the option of general registration for all potential job opportunities or submitting an application for a specific post that is advertised (with the additional option of publishing your profile for other potential job opportunities). Refer to the e-recruiting Conditions of use for more information. 

By registering or publishing your profile (including if applying for a specific post), you are providing the Schüco HR department with access to your profile and giving your consent for the staff to contact you using the contact details provided, if necessary. 

In the case of submitting an application for a specific post without publishing your profile for other job opportunities, you are allowing your Data to be viewed and processed only by staff in the HR department who are responsible for filling the specific post. Here too you are giving your consent for these members of staff to contact you using the contact details you specified.


In the case of registration, your Data is automatically deleted 12 months after your last log-in to the e-recruiting service. More information on this can be found under point 6 ("Automatic deletion").

In the case of submitting an application for a specifc post that is advertised, your Data is also automatically deleted 12 months after your last log-in to the e-recruiting service. If you have not published your profile for other job opportunities, in the event of a rejection, your Data will be marked with a lock flag until the 12-month period expires. Until the end of this period, your Data will only be stored in case of a legal dispute due to any infringement of the ban on discrimination in accordance with the German Anti-Discrimination Act (Antidiskriminierungsgesetz). Staff in the HR Department will then no longer be able to view the transmitted Data. Before this 12-month period expires, you can reactivate your Data at any time.


If your application is successful, the Data transmitted by you will continue to be used during your employment in accordance with the legal regulations.


You can make changes to your profile in the Schüco online application system at any time, or delete your Data by selecting "Delete profile". Please note that changes to your profile may affect your entire application. If deleted, it will no longer be possible to further process open applications generated using this profile, for example.

If, as a user, you have problems gaining access to your profile, or changing or deleting your Data, you can contact us at any time at: e-recruiting@schueco.com

Using this e-mail address, at any time and free of charge, you can also obtain information about your stored Data after submitting the appropriate authorisation. 


Your access to the system is automatically deactivated 12 months after your last log-in, and your Data will be deleted. We will inform you by e-mail that your Data is due to be deleted 2 weeks before this period expires and advise you how to keep your profile activated. If we do not record any activity on your part after this period has expired, your access to the system will be deleted.


Personal Data is only disclosed in accordance with the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz, in particular if we are required by law to disclose Data to courts or authorities in Germany, or to foreign courts and authorities in the case of data transfer to other countries. Otherwise, we will not disclose your personal Data to third parties without your consent. 


By clicking the appropriate checkbox before transmitting the Data you have entered and the files you have uploaded to us, you are giving your express consent for the Data you entered to be collected, processed and used, as well as to be transferred to Schüco branches in Germany and other countries, for the purposes outlined above. 

You have the right to withdraw the consent for your personal Data to be used in future by deregistering your profile at any time. 


Schüco follows widely accepted security standards to protect the Data visitors enter on the Schüco website from misuse, loss and fraud. In addition to this, only certain Schüco employees have access rights to personally identifiable visitor Data. These employees ensure that the confidentiality of this sensitive Data is maintained in accordance with the purposes with which it was submitted. 

February 2013