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AWS WoodDesign aluminium/timber window: durable on the outside, natural on the inside

Windows have to fulfil a wide range of requirements and functions depending on the building type and how the space is used. Achieving a harmonious combination of performance, design and easy installation is a key challenge here. Schüco AWS WoodDesign window systems offer the ideal solution for this.

The new generation of aluminium-timber windows

The room side of the Schüco WoodDesign block windows is clad with real wood strips, creating a window which combines the best of both worlds: the high performance characteristics of an aluminium window and the natural feel of a timber surface finish.

Schüco AWS WoodDesign window systems feature

A combination of natural oakwood decorative strips and durable, weather-resistant aluminium

Reduced installation work thanks to the bonding process

A wide range of design options with pre-defined standards and partners


Natural timber on a durable aluminium window


Schüco AWS WoodDesign is available for block systems with basic depths of 75 and 90 mm. The timber surface finish is achieved by bonding decorative wooden strips to the inside of the aluminium vent profile. This creates a weather-resistant, stable and durable window with a natural wooden design on the room side, which further impresses with excellent performance characteristics, such as outstanding thermal insulation, narrow profile face widths with a high degree of transparency and a wide range of fittings and accessory parts from the modular AWS system.

Quick and easy to install thanks to the bonding process

Many of the installation steps for the vent are the same as for a standard aluminium window: the aluminium vent is pre-installed in the workshop as usual. The decorative wooden strips can then be bonded on the building site or in the workshop using a special foam adhesive tape on the clean inner side of the vent. No additional screw-fixing of the decorative wooden strips is required. This saves time, labour and costs.

Easy process: pre-defined standards and partners

AWS WoodDesign provides greater design freedom and maximum harmony between the window system and interior design. To make the process easier, Schüco has pre-defined seven different oakwood surface finishes, covering a broad colour spectrum. You can also select other customised wood finishes, meaning there are practically no limits to the design options on offer.

Currently, the oakwood kit can be obtained from two select Schüco system partners (carpenters) with defined standards or from a timber fabricator of your choice. The wood dimensions can be generated from SchüCal and made available.

You can find out more about our new design possibilities in our brochure.

Schüco AWS WoodDesign – The aluminium/timber generation of windows

Natural timber on durable aluminium: Schüco AWS WoodDesign brings together the best qualities of the two materials, by cladding the aluminium vent on the room side with real wood strips. This allows you to combine the warm, natural look of timber with the security and stability of durable aluminium – and all quickly and easily thanks to the bonding process. Metal fabrication company Oltmanns Metallbau GmbH shows us how it's done.

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