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Our fire protection systems are the optimal solution to protect what is dear to us. Whether in hospitals, kindergartens, shopping centres or office buildings, with our systems you are always on the safe side. 

Threats are posed not only by fire and heat, but also in particular by smoke and toxic fire gases. With Schüco smoke protection systems, a wide range of smoke protection requirements can be perfectly met from a technical point of view.


Smoke and fire protection

Fire protection systems: innovative fire and smoke protection

Fire and the associated smoke can pose a danger to life. It is therefore essential to be well protected against these dangers in buildings, too. We design and develop fire protection solutions for buildings across all products. Schüco provides fully tested system solutions for doors, façades, windows and partition walls, including fittings and glazing. These fulfil a wide range of fire and smoke protection requirements.

Dual security from a single source

Schüco fire and smoke protection systems are part of the Schüco security concept, meaning that they also offer sound reduction, barrier-free access, transport safety and protection against burglary and vandalism. The systems can be individually adapted to suit every architectural situation.

Optimum compatibility

The compatibility of the Schüco systems allows elegant and invisible transitions between the fire protection and standard series.

Smart systems

Schüco fire and smoke protection systems can be seamlessly integrated in the building automation. We take full advantage of the potential offered by modern buildings, whether it concerns SHEVS or automatically controlled multifunctional doors, or centralised or decentralised control systems.

High-quality design with maximum security

With many variants of profile geometries and a wide range of individual colours, cover caps and surface finishes, we offer the design freedom which creates truly unique buildings. And many of our products are already Cradle to Cradle certified, meaning no compromises are made with regard to sustainability.

Secure yet unobtrusive.

Schüco fire and smoke protection units protect against heat, flames and smoke while also meeting the demands of modern architecture – for effective fire protection with an elegant design and the highest level of security.

Be inspired!

Good design need not be compromised by security requirements. Schüco fire protection systems are intelligent solutions which offer maximum security alongside outstanding design. They allow for fluid transitions between the fire protection units and standard series.