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What I want is individual support and career opportunities.

We will get you ready to start your career

Benefit from our wealth of experience. As a trainee, you will have an experienced manager as a mentor to help you from the outset. The tailor-made development program allows you to quickly immerse yourself in the international Schüco Community. We will also get you ready to start your career with training courses and challenging projects.

What we offer

We offer you an innovative and dynamic environment, where you can quickly take on responsibility in the form of projects, and have the opportunity to broaden your horizons. Our direct entry pathways and trainee programmes provide you with a good introduction to the world of work. You are in the right place if you enjoy putting forward your own ideas, having a flexible work-life balance and gaining experience in a technical environment. We would like to talk to you about entry level opportunities in the areas of Technology, Sales, or Business Functions, depending on your qualifications and experience.
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Direct entry pathway

Direct entry pathway

As a career starter, you have two options at Schüco: starting as a trainee or a direct entry pathway into the area you are interested in.

On the direct entry pathway, you can concentrate fully on your area of responsibility from the very beginning and gain extensive knowledge of the topics in this area. You will become an expert in your specialist area and interface with all the relevant departments and, in part, across all the divisions.

Application process for the direct entry pathway

Our application process for the direct entry pathway is the same as for those with professional experience.

Trainee Programm

Trainee Programm

As part of an 18-month trainee programme, Schüco International KG offers graduates and young career starters the opportunity to gain a thorough insight into the processes of the market leader and technological pioneer for the whole building envelope.

The trainee programme offers you the chance to gain a deep and far-reaching insight into the company, to recognise the potential for synergy throughout the value added chain and to develop a comprehensive network of contacts. This is achieved by alternating which departments and locations you work for in Germany and abroad.

Application process for trainees

Perhaps this is one of your first applications and you are asking yourself what you can expect of the application process with us? We would be delighted to provide you with an overview of our application process for the trainee programme.

The 3 core components of the schueco trainee programm

Training on the job

As a trainee, you are entrusted with project-based assignments and get to know the day-to-day business procedures in the departments. The placement cycles generally vary from two to four months depending on the department or location.

Training off the job

Placements in departments are supplemented by a certified training package. You will take part in specialist and company-specific training courses (e.g. product training, workshops) and seminars promoting social and methodological skills (e.g. public speaking, project management).

Trainee projects

A third core component of the trainee programme is formed by the trainee projects, on which the trainees from all disciplines work together, for example, to design and organise the project "Klima wandeln? Kinder handeln!" ("Climate change? Kids act!") in 2010, or to develop a market entry strategy in 2011.

Talent Management

The Talent Management team supports the trainees throughout the entire duration of their traineeship. For each participant in the programme, an individual placement and training schedule is drawn up in close cooperation between the Talent Management team and the respective specialist area. This allows the time and content of the programme to be managed.


Throughout the traineeship and when transitioning to their new role, the trainees will be supported and mentored by experienced managers as they develop.

Specialist areas

On the basis of a placement schedule, the trainees are allocated to the specialist departments according to their subject areas. The trainee receives feedback after each placement.

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Professionals and career starters

Professionals and career starters

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Trainee programms / cooperative and dual work / study students / training / internships / student placements

Trainee programms / cooperative and dual work / study students / training / internships / student placements

Talent Management

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  • Trainee programmes / cooperative and dual work/study students
  • training / internships / student placements

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