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Sun shading systems

Stylish sun shading that is hidden from view 

Sun shading reduces cooling loads, making an important contribution to energy saving in modern residential and commercial buildings whilst simultaneously improving the well-being of its occupants. The sun shading can be perfectly integrated in the building envelope on the inside, on the outside or in-between, ensuring the building has an attractive appearance.

Customised product range with high level of integration 

Schüco sun shading systems are perfectly adapted to Schüco windows, façades and sliding systems. Whether indoors, outdoors or in-between, Schüco has the right sun shading solution for you – visible and invisible. 

Everything from a single source

Schüco offers everything from a single source with window, façade, sliding and sun shading systems, including comprehensive documentation, tests and technical support. 

Fabrication support with digital solutions

Digital solutions support you throughout the entire fabrication process – from product planning to calculation to the fabrication of Schüco sun shading systems.

Instructions and training 

Initial instructions and theoretical and practical training sessions in the Schüco customer workshop are available to you as individual support options for Schüco sun shading systems.


Whether you require sun shading solutions for windows, façades or even an entire building – our product portfolio offers a wide range of options, including both internal and external sun shading systems.