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The Schüco Technology Center opens up the range of the world's leading technology in the area of window and façade tests for trainees and students on a dual degree course. A key aim of Schüco is to develop and guarantee a continous stream of in-house specialists and engineers. It is also imperative to pass on window and façade expertise to more junior employees by training specialists and engineers.

Further developing our expertise

Since 2006, Schüco has been working with the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences and training mechatronic and electronic technicians as part of their dual degree course. Numerous apprenticeship and training courses for many technical career paths are also offered here. 

Each year, eight to ten students complete their training at the Schüco Technology Center. The placement students not only obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Engineering, but also a qualification for their specialist training to become mechatronic or electronic technicians in a test set by the chamber of industry and commerce.

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