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Molde, Norway

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Sliding doors, Doors, Façades, Windows


ADS 75 HD.HI, AWS 75.SI+, ASS 70.HI, FWS 35 PD.SI

Series (no longer in the portfolio):

FWS 50+, AWS 75 BS.SI


Molde, Norway




Astad Arkitektur AS

Specialist company:

Straumsheim Glass og Fasade AS

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© Sindre Ellingsen

Interview with architect Aud Randi Astad

Interview with architect Aud Randi Astad

The sun lies low over the snow-covered mountains, reflecting its dazzling light on the surface of the Romsdalsfjord. The view enjoyed by the residents of the Molde house in Norway is like a painting – all thanks to the Schüco FWS 35 PD.SI façade system, which has been installed here in Norway for the first time. Large expanses of glass and narrow profiles create the perfect connection between living space and the surrounding nature.

Find out what made this building project special – apart from the breathtaking views – in our interview with architect Aud Randi Astad.

What challenges did you face during the planning phase of the building?
The biggest challenge we faced with the Molde project was the clients' wish for the largest windows possible and open architecture. This was understandable, given the fantastic views of the fjord and mountains. The building features a cantilevered section measuring almost six metres, which projects out over the ground below. The triple glazing and high proportion of glass made the façade quite heavy, which wasn't easy to plan for the cantilevered section of the building. The location was also a challenge. The plot faced the coast in northwest Norway – an area that sees heavy winds, rain and snow.

What's special about the home's structure?
The large glass areas and sliding doors, which create a connection between indoors and outdoors and allow the beautiful surroundings to become part of the house. To further intensify the close connection between living space and outdoors and make the design as sustainable as possible, strong, natural materials were used in the house.  

Are large windows a trend in homes?
We are seeing many clients increasingly ask for large expanses of glass. We are also noticing a shift in architecture, so that it is in step with the new innovative solutions available on the market. In recent years it has therefore become possible to build homes with larger window areas while adhering to the increased energy requirements, for example due to the excellent insulating properties of a sliding system. As architects, we are delighted with this development and the new possibilities in construction.

You opted to use the FWS 35 PD.SI Panorama Design system from Schüco.
Yes, exactly. It was the perfect solution for the project, as the sliding system offers maximum transparency with profiles that are just 35 mm wide. The façade extends to room height and the horizontal profiles are only visible from the outside. This enables seamless transitions between window fields and large sliding doors, as well as stepless transitions between indoor and outdoor areas. The system is also a winner with its integrated solution for all-glass corners without any profiles.

What were the benefits of working with Schüco?
During the planning stage, we really valued the extensive services offered by Schüco, including digital services. The Schüco staff in the Oslo office and the suppliers were also incredibly helpful. Working together with a creative, experienced civil engineer and the fantastic support from Schüco partner Straumsheim Glass og Fasade AS allowed us to find precise, technically sophisticated solutions.

What is your personal highlight in the project?
Without a doubt, the "floating" living room. From there you have the most wonderful view of the Romsdalsfjord and the seemingly endless snow-covered mountains. From a higher point you even have a panoramic view of 222 mountain peaks. But the view isn't the only thing that's great about the location. From the Molde house, you have direct access to the best ski slopes the mountains have to offer.