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Cradle to Cradle®

The Cradle to Cradle principle

The “Cradle to Cradle” (C2C) design concept by Professor Michael Braungart is an approach that pays strict attention to the effectiveness of resources and sustainability.

The C2C philosophy understands all materials as valuable resources, which return fully to biological or technical cycles without any loss of quality. This means there is no waste. Products and production processes are hence designed “from cradle to cradle” – from production and the usage phase through to dismantling, recycling and reuse. Recyclability without any loss of quality becomes a key factor here. C2C products are tested as pollutant-free and are created using renewable energies. All in all, the concept creates space for sustainable innovation and creativity – and turns buildings into raw material stock for the future.

Sustainable materials – for maximum eco effectiveness

C2C products from Schüco

Schüco is one of the pioneers in the construction industry in the development of C2C-certified products. We expect that the need and hence the demand for these certificates will increase significantly. After all, no other system covers sustainability at product level so extensively and consistently.

Three Schüco systems have already been tested by the EPEA Institute in Hamburg and certified in accordance with the standard of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute (C2CPII) in the USA. The evaluation examines the harmlessness of the materials used to people and the environment, the processes for reusability in technical cycles, energy and water management in production and the social standards at the production site.

We have also developed a so-called C2C modular system. With the help of the SchüCal design software, this enables the C2C verification of our window, door and façade systems. For in practice, the choice of Schüco products varies depending on the building project. A modular system makes it possible to use certified articles to put together entire products, so that they receive C2C verification. In December 2016, Schüco received Bronze C2C certification for this modular system.

Here are the C2C certificates for the modular system for our window, door and façade systems:

Schüco aluminium window systems AWS

Schüco aluminium door systems ADS SimplySmart

Schüco façade systems FWS

These 3 Schüco products have already been certified to the high Silver standard: