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Aarhus, Denmark

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Building category
Education and Culture
FW 50+
Aarhus, Denmark
Schmidt, Hammer og Lassen
Vinduefabrikken Brønderslev A/S
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Adam Mørk


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Project description

The largest library in Scandinavia was opened in summer 2015 in Aarhus, Denmark. The futuristic structure is so much more than just a place for books. It is a place for communication, a venue, a community centre with a range of services, and has a play area as well as working spaces and media rooms. The multifunctional utilisation concept is thus a response to changes in reading habits in an increasingly digital world and the associated displacement of the classic library. Dokk1 is a modern, communicative space for the community. This message is reflected by the open and dynamic architecture which consists of three stacked levels. Due to the polygon shape of the roof level, which contains offices and a canteen, the building is not clearly orientated in one direction. The building has no front or back. The centre level, which houses the actual library, is fully open thanks to room-height glazing that is installed on all sides. In the lower level, local traffic passes through the building.

The entire structure seems to turn on its own axis. With large ramps, walkways, openings and room intersections, the interior is also characterised by a directionless dynamic. The building is shaped by glass, concrete and steel both outside and inside. The upper space is completely enveloped by a light façade made from expanded metal which extends across both the roof area and the inner areas. Precise and clear bends and edges stretch across the sloped façade levels. A continuous, flush-fitted ribbon window also follows this geometry. The clarity of the shapes, the sharp edges and the deliberate simplicity of the few materials used provide a perfect contrast to the variety of uses, the dynamism of the architecture and the vibrant hustle and bustle of Dokk1.

Words: Bettina Sigmund

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