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Decentralised ventilation solutions from Schüco

Comfortable indoor climate and high level of comfort for an optimum living and working environment

The quality of the ambient air is a decisive factor in the health, well-being and performance of the people in a building. If it deteriorates, e.g. due to the users themselves and their activities or due to emissions from the building and its equipment, this may lead to headaches, lapses in concentration or tiredness, amongst others.

Regular, adequate ventilation is therefore very important, and the quality of the air introduced from outside plays a central role. Pollution in the immediate surroundings due to traffic or industry must be taken into consideration, as must biogenic factors, e.g. pollen.

Three ventilation options

In ventilation technology, there are three distinct types of ventilation: natural ventilation, which is based on differences in temperature and pressure between the inside and outside; fan-assisted mechanical ventilation; and hybrid ventilation, which is a combination of natural and mechanical ventilation. In hybrid ventilation, the basic air exchange, which does not require any intervention from the users, is covered by means of the mechanical unit. The proportion of the air which is additionally required for a comfortable indoor climate is realised by means of the window ventilator.

Benefits of decentralised ventilation solutions from Schüco:

  • Integration into windows and façades without installation in the intermediate floor: saves equipment space and storey height, also ideal for renovation projects
  • Can be operated individually: high user acceptance
  • Room-by-room installation
  • Simple conversion of rooms for other uses
  • Additional costs can be billed based on consumption
  • Air inlets and outlets almost invisible
  • No transmission of sound through duct system which connects rooms
  • Fire compartments are not breached
  • Attractive additional business
  • Simple planning, installation and maintenance: no duct system


Schüco Ventilation System VentoTherm Twist

The efficient, multifunctional system solution ensures controlled air exchange and meets the highest energy efficiency requirements; up to 80% heat recovery ensures a high degree of energy savings. Thanks to the modular construction, Schüco VentoTherm Twist can be expanded, which can also increase the air flow. This therefore allows the ventilator to be adapted perfectly to match the required air quantity. Schüco VentoTherm Twist is therefore the efficient system solution for small and large rooms in newbuilds and renovation projects.

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Schüco VentoTherm Twist in cooperation with Renson - Decentralised ventilation system integrated in the window with incoming air, outgoing air and heat recovery – controlled, room-specific air exchange without having to open the window. The efficient, multifunctional system solution ensures a controlled exchange of air and fulfils the highest energy efficiency requirements: a heat recovery rate of 80% ensures a high degree of energy saving.

Schüco Ventilation System VentoAir

Schüco VentoAir regulates the necessary ventilation in residential properties, including dehumidification, without any intervention from users, thus enabling the prevention of expensive damage caused by mould, which is hazardous to health. The principle of the window rebate ventilator with self-regulating vent is based on the equalisation of the difference in pressure between outside and inside. In the process, the action of the fan is purely mechanical. In the event of high winds, the ventilator flap automatically regulates the inflowing air, thus preventing unpleasant draughts.

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Schüco Ventilation System VentoFrame

In many buildings, especially in residential properties, the exchange of air through infiltration – i.e. leaks in the building from joints, for example – is not enough to supply the building and its users with sufficient fresh air without human intervention. In such cases, a ventilation concept must be created in accordance with DIN 1946-6 to ensure high ambient air quality. Here Schüco offers Schüco VentoFrame, a tested system for self-regulating window ventilators which is installed almost fully concealed in the outer frame and is designed for the narrowest of face widths.

With its highly adjustable volume flow, this efficient ventilation solution provides a steady, adequate supply of fresh air without intervention from the user, i. e. without opening the windows. Thanks to a self-regulating ventilation flap, the Schüco VentoFrame reacts independently to changes in wind pressure and thus ensures a controlled exchange of air without draughts.

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Schüco VentoFrame Asonic - Ventilation system with high sound reduction for a healthy indoor climate

Modern building planning places great value on an optimal working and living environment. This means that a supply of fresh air, to retain the value of the property and protect the building fabric for the long term, is just as crucial for a comfortable atmosphere in the room as sound reduction. The new VentoFrame Asonic from Schüco, developed in partnership with Renson, complements the flexible VentoFrame ventilation system with a solution that can be used for more demanding requirements in terms of air exchange and sound insulation. The window ventilator, mounted on the outer frame, allows air circulation in buildings without draughts thanks to an innovative anti-reverse function and high-quality fabrication. Schüco VentoFrame Asonic is available in two versions: Air and Comfort. The Comfort version guarantees even better sound insulation and increased comfort thanks to the non-return function in the integrated self-regulating flap. It is particularly suitable for combination with a (fan-assisted) exhaust air system.

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Schüco VentoLife - automatic air purification and fresh air supply

Schüco VentoLife is an air purification device with a multistage filter which removes from the air up to 99.5% of substances and particles that are hazardous to health. Schüco VentoLife is suitable for residential and office buildings and can be integrated not only in the Schüco AWS 50 to AWS 75 SI+ series including AWS BS.SI+, but also in Schüco FWS façade systems.

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Several times awarded

The Schüco VentoLife has already won several design award such as the iF Design Award in Gold, the German Design Award and the Red Dot Award.

Schüco Ventilation Vent AWS VV

Schüco Ventilation Vents AWS VV are available as opaque side-hung vents with face widths of 300 mm, 250 mm and 170 mm. The side-hung vents, which can reach from floor to ceiling, combine quick ventilation of rooms with a high degree of architectural design freedom. Concealed and surface-mounted manual fittings solutions based on Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart are available. One benefit of the Schüco TipTronic mechatronic equipment is that automated night-time cooling or demand-led, sensor-controlled ventilation optimise the energy efficiency potential of the building envelope.

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Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart

Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart sets new standards for concealed actuator technology. The system combines the aspects of energy management, building automation and security. At the same time, TipTronic SimplySmart sets new standards through puristic design and offers further innovations such as maximised opening widths. Thanks to individual operation using a handle, wall-mounted switch or mobile devices, the system can fulfil almost any requirement.

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