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The Schüco reference book

In addition to the wide range of functions and standards that contemporary building envelopes in all climate zones of the world have to fulfil, the requirements are also increasing with regard to technological development, sustainability and quality standards. While others see this constant change as a burden, for us, it is what drives us. We recognise the challenges and opportunities which lie therein and respond with excellent performance, social responsibility and sustainable economic activity, all networked on a global scale.

We develop solutions that are one step ahead – not only today, but also tomorrow.

The new Reference Book is intended as both a source of inspiration and a tool for your work. From office and living spaces to public buildings, it showcases example solutions for future-oriented construction. Discover the compilation of selected reference projects that have been constructed in recent years using Schüco systems. And join us in taking on the challenge of developing ideas for the future.

Reference projects at a glance

Office and Business



Education and Culture

Sport and Health