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Features – What our windows can do for you

What features should your dream window have? Find out more.


The potential for savings is enormous.

Do not compromise on the insulation for your home. Schueco windows guarantee you maximum energy efficiency. This is how you ensure markedly lower heating costs. You can make further savings with targeted ventilation. Here too, Schueco has the right solution.

Maximum insulation values

With Uf-Values from 0.8 to 1.6 W/(m2K) Schueco windows achieve maximum thermal insulation values. These outstanding values, e.g. in the area of metal fabrication, are achieved through an enlarged insulation zone with foam-filled insulating bars, an optimised centre gasket and a new type of thermal insulation in the glazing rebate.

You can save:

For a family home with a surface area of 143.8 m2and a window area of 26.4 m2, which was constructed in about 1980 there would be, with Schueco AWS 90.SI+, a saving of 51 kWh/(m2a) or 730 litres of heating oil per year. The consumption of 730 litres less oil reduces CO2 emissions by two tonnes per year. This corresponds to a journey of about 10,000 km by car or a CO2volume of 1250 m3).

  • Schueco AWS 70.HI - Highly thermally insulated aluminium window system

    The Schueco Window AWS 70 combines efficient solutions for a wide variety of functional, architectural and design requirements in one system: a high level of thermal insulation, narrow face widths and attractive vent contours as well as concealed, classic manual or integrated electromechanical fittings for inward and outward-opening windows.

    • Uf value of 1.6 W/(m²K) with a face width of 117 mm
  • Schueco AWS 90.SI+

    In the basic depth of 90 mm, Schueco offers a comprehensive modular window system to passive house standard. Its series Schueco AWS 90.SI+, Schueco AWS 90.SI+ Green and Schueco 90 BS.SI+, which feature maximum thermal insulation, represent a perfect combination of structural requirements with the greatest possible degree of architectural design freedom.

    • Outer frame, mullion, transom 90 mm
    • Vent frame 100 mm
  • Schueco AWS 70 SC – Ideal for new build and refurbishment at an economical price

    The Schueco AWS 70 SC is an outward opening aluminium window system delivering quality with economy without compromising on comfort and design. The narrow profile face widths ensure maximum transparency flooding your living space with light.

    • Compact outward opening window with Schueco ‘build quality’
    • Slim profile sightlines from 63.5mm for maximum daylight
    • WER up to ‘A’ Rating
    • Double or triple glazed options


Simply shut out dangers

Above everything else, feeling secure is about the certainty that you are well protected – from the wind and the weather, and also from burglars. Concealed yet highly effective, Schueco systems ensure security. Ultimately, increased burglar protection should not lead to compromising the appearance. In this way, Schueco aluminium windows with the internal “AvanTec SimplySmart” fitting provide a high level of basic protection that can be increased to resistance class 3 (RC3) with the help of additional locking points. Lockable handles in the consistent Schueco design and comfortable monitoring of closing with confirmation function for closing the windows when leaving the house complete the range.

  • Schueco AvanTec SimplySmart concealed fitting

    Schueco AvanTec SimplySmart allows clean lines with its narrow, concealed fittings. Concealed hinges make the surfaces much easier to clean – no more dust traps, just smooth surfaces. The AvanTec fitting is also durable and has minimal maintenance requirements.

    • Easy to operate with variable settings
    • Attractive handle, lockable or with pushbutton
    • Modular, multi-level security concept up to RC3/(WK3)
  • Lockable handles secure the vent

    Lockable handles in the consistent Schueco design provide added security By using additional security locking points, the burglar resistance of the window can be increased up to security class 3 (RC3). Windows in this class withstand criminals that try to break open the locked component with two tools such as a screwdriver and a crow bar.

  • Monitoring of closing with Schueco TipTronic

    Even a normal window profile from Schueco makes it difficult for burglars. If that is not enough for you, integrated monitoring of closing offers a confirmation function through a magnetic switch for electronic closing checks when leaving the house. In this way the desired safety can be increased individually.



Fully automatic with Schueco

Increased comfort in the home thanks to building automation. A press of a button is sufficient to open and close windows. And a single glance to check that they are all closed. Schueco building technology provides a wide range of possible solutions for private homes. The Schueco system allows electronic opening and closing through monitoring of windows, natural and automatic ventilation, as well as electrically operated solar shading and anti-glare protection.

Benefits for users:

  • Increased well-being through a pleasant indoor climate
  • Tangible energy cost savings
  • Added security and comfort


Close windows with no effort. As soon as the weather becomes unpleasant, the weather sensor closes all the windows automatically. Large, heavy sliding units can also be opened and closed at the touch of a button. The Schueco Wireless Control System assumes wireless control over mechatronic products, such as solar shading and lighting – can also be retrofitted for renovations.


An end to sticky rooms, and problems with tiredness and concentration due to poor indoor conditions. Now there are sensors which control the indoor environment using natural window ventilation, or which implement the most sensible ventilation type in terms of energy efficiency with the Schueco VentoTherm window ventilator. Schueco VentoTherm allows controlled air exchange without opening the window. Energy consumption, room climate and air quality are thereby kept at an optimum level. Schueco ventilation systems may be used both for new-build and renovation projects.


Residential property in Austria – with windows from Schueco
Schueco windows provide highly durable, low-maintenance surface finishes


The Schueco range of design handles for windows and doors makes it possible to design the outside and inside of buildings uniformly.

  • Uniform design line within the handle family for windows, front doors and sliding doors
  • Mechanical and electronic opening units are easy to operate
  • Exclusive and high-quality look with functional design
Range of handle designs from Schueco


Specialist terms clearly explained

From A like Automation to U like U value - Specialist terms for windows & doors clearly explained.

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