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Schueco Smart Home 

No more fumbling with keys when your hands are full, accidentally locking yourself out or lost keys to concern yourself with. Our innovative systems mean you, and anyone else to whom you grant access to your home, can unlock your door. 

Convenience and safety, combined with a flexible design

Door automation

Long-term housing and living quality starts at your on front door. Schueco offers a wide range of solutions for convenient and secure access to your home. The Schueco portfolio gives you different door and access options from which you can choose. What do they have in common? Excellent product characteristics and a seamless merger between door element and access system. 

Schueco BlueCon

When choosing Bluecon, you will not need a standard house key any more; the lock rather opens using an app and an intelligent Bluetooth door lock. The door lock is very easy to control at the touch of a button via the Schueco BlueCon App. You have a choice between permanent, recurring and time-limited access. You are also informed if someone activates the lock; for example you will get a notification when your children get home safely. The design of your door is not compromised, as the Schueco Bluecon module is concealed and almost invisible in the door rebate on the inside. For a comprehensive overview, the app has a clear activity log which shows you when different users have opened or closed your entrance door using a smartphone. 

You can also revoke every access authorisation with just a few clicks. This gives you control around the clock. 

Schueco Fingerprint Easy

Schueco Fingerprint Easy is a Stand-alone-access control option based on the biometric fingerprint of the individual so it offers the highest level of security for your home. Up to 99 user profiles can be set up quickly and easily, so friends, family and staff are all able to enjoy the convenience of touch entry. Also, you can quickly remove a user's access rights at any time, providing much more peace of mind than with key entry. 

Schueco Fingerprint Easy has a discreet, elegant design and can be fitted flush to external and internal doors to retain your home's smooth lines. So it looks as smart as it acts. 

Find a Schueco partner in your area

Schueco UK collaborates closely with it's partners across Great Britain and Ireland. Our Schueco partners are going to support you with your building projects - starting with a visit in their showroom, an individual quotation based on your needs, fabricating the products over to installing the ready Schueco product into your home. 

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